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Commanding Nations is bringing RTS gaming to the modern era by injecting new innovative gameplay mechanics, next gen visuals, combat systems, interactive maps and unique factions into a genre which has not seen much change for the past twenty years.

We are treating Commanding Nations like a GaaS(Gaming as a Service) title. This means that you can expect free updates and maps. You can also unlock new factions simply by playing the game without ever needing to pay for them.  Our goal is to have one game for the RTS community that keeps growing and evolving, offering more as time passes. 

Commanding Nations will launch with three factions. Ranked and custom gameplay modes with up to 8 players online.  We will be adding additional gameplay modes, maps and factions periodically after launch.


Each faction has unique buildings that can help you in producing units, generating income and researching new technologies.

You will also need to find ways to defend your base(s) by building walls and defense buildings such as bunkers or turrets.

The construction time and price of buildings depends on the faction you play with. 


In our game, A faction can be anything from a country all the way down to a private military company, organized crime such as a cartel or a resistance group.  We want to create interesting factions that offer truly fun and new ways to enjoy the game instead of reskinning existing ones and giving them another country name.

Commanding Nations will launch with Three Factions. Each offering a unique way to play the game.  We are planning on adding new factions periodically after the launch of the game.


The RTS genre has it’s own fair share of problems when it comes to battles. things such as steamrolling and turtling can really kill the fun for all parties if not taken care of.  Not only have we done our best to remove these elements, we believe we might have even added things to improve the RTS genre. 



Attacking your opponents demands strategic planning. Each part of the map has something to offer and the direct path to their base is no longer the safest or easiest option.

Combine air, ground and special attacks to deliver devastating blows to your opponents. But be careful, losing units is a costly matter, giving your opponent extra skill points which are needed to use special weapons and attacks.


Defending demands a good understanding of attack. Know where to build anti air to counter the long range rockets of fighter jets, build bunkers at choke zones to reduce the amount of units that can attack you simultaneously and create walls to strengthen your bases overall defense 

Build Bunkers, Turrets, Walls or just mass produce units to protect your base. It’s up to you how you want to protect your army, just keep in mind that eventually you will have to venture into the unknown for resources.


The maps of Commanding Nations are unlike any you have seen before. Not only do they look beautiful, they are also full of life and filled with locations that can give you an advantage. 

From Dynamic weather to scaring off birds that give away your stealth unit’s position. The opponent is not the only thing you need to pay attention to when navigating through these lands. 

The maps of Commanding Nations demand strategic play, blindly rushing your opponent’s base is no longer an option. Rebels in cities will grab every chance to attack weaker units that are passing by. Ammunition can run out, forcing your units to head to safe zones to refill before they can continue their attacks. 

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