Dev update 02.

Welcome back Commander! We got a ton of new updates for you and we are also really happy to announce that you can now pre-register on Kickstarter, this is totally free and helps us to notify you when our Kickstarter campaign goes live. So if you have not turned that notification yet, you can do it here.

First fully modelled & textured unit

First, lets start with out first fully fully done model. Yes, this is all 3D, textured and game ready!. We will announce the name and the weapons of this unit later down the road.


Vehicle movement and Firing test

We are also happy to announce that our programming team has grown to 3 people and this means we can get more things done. one of the focus points of the programming team is making sure the units move and behave believable so I am really happy to share the vehicle movement and firing test.

Fog of war

But wait there is more! We know how important fog of war is and we are happy to say that the core functionality has now been implemented. You can see more in our fog of war test video.

Super weapon concept art

Who does not love a good super weapon. We are happy to share some concept art for the 3 super weapons which will be in the game, what they are and how they behave will be shared later down the road when we have them implemented in the engine.

More models

We have a lot to do and a lot of that is 3D modelling. Here are some of the Scav buildings which have been blocked out in 3D they still need to be optimized and textured but we are extremely happy with the results so far.

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If you like our updates and want to support us, please click here to get a notification for when we launch on Kickstarter. The more pre-launch registrations we have, the higher the chances are for us to succeed and deliver this game….Honestly, your help matters for small teams like us!

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  • Luís Felipe
    February 26, 2021 at 12:22 am

    Modern Vehicles do not use the Fume Extractor in the front of the cannon, but in the middle, you can see in all modern MBTs like Leopard 2, Abrams, T90, K2, Type 90, Challenger 2. Just commenting, I did not understand if it is because of the artistic choice.

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