Dev update 03.

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Now this is going to be a long blog post so make sure your comfortable, grab a cup of coffee/tea and lets go!

Tomahawk target aim test

Ok, now about those updates. We have been hard at work at implementing some long distance weapon systems such as the tomahawk missiles and javelin rockets, which are just a few of the many weapons in the game.

Now keep in mind that the rocket speed, impact and the rocket itself are all currently a work in progress, our goal was to have the unit behave correctly and have the rocket head towards it’s target.

Projectile update

Who doesn’t love some good looking projectiles. We have updated how projectiles behave when fired from a tank, once again this is currently just for one of the many tanks in the game.

javelin launcher

One of EU’s units uses a javelin launcher and we really wanted to get the launch animation right, if you look closely you see the javelin make a small drop after launch before taking off.

Selling buildings

You can now sell buildings. You can either select the building and click the sell button or quickly sell as many buildings you want with the Special button which you can see in this video.

Bullet impact on vehicles

Now we love some form of realism in our games and one of those is bullet impact. watch the video below to see what we mean when we say that units get destroyed or lose parts depending on how they are hit

Updated 3D models of EU buildings

We are updating some of our EU buildings since we where not happy with what we had earlier on. We hope by updating the buildings they fit our style and quality requirements which we have for all 3d models.

SCAV Vehicle Concepts

Now these are some early concepts and we don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up but we also don’t want to keep these amazing concepts from you. Our concept team is working really hard on getting the concept art for the scav units done, once we have those, the 3D team will start working on them and the concept art team will start focusing on the AU faction.


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