Dev Update 04.

We are extremely happy to announce that starting last Friday we have moved to making weekly builds. We are currently in the test build stage and we will be moving to alpha in a few weeks. We expect to have a build each Friday so we can test it during the weekends.

STEAM Integration & General Dev update.

We have been working hard on implementing Steam into our game and we are happy to say that it’s all working as we want it to. There is still a ton left to do but the good news is that you will be able to play with your friends and have access to all the fun stuff which you can expect from a game with Steam support…and more!

While some part of our team is working on steam, others are working on writing code for the buildings, units, vehicles and unique elements such as the super weapons which will all have their own unique behavior and controls. More on this in future updates!

Fully redesigning Asia United.

We really want to create the best game possible and this means having factions which are believable and live up to our expectations. After some consideration and tests with 3D models we came to the conclusion that the AU buildings were not what we wanted. As a result we have started on redesigning the buildings and hope to have them ready in the upcoming week.

EU & Scav building models done.

Whilst the Asia United buildings are getting a full redo, the EU and Scav units have been 3d modeled fully and are now moving to the animation phase. Once we have everything animated correctly we will move on to texturing.

Scav market
Supply depot

EU Units Update.

We’ve also got some news on a few units. We are happy to report that the EU Humvee (WIP name) is done and sent to the programming team and that we’ve also done some remodeling on the tomahawk. We know a lot of people have been asking about the final unit names, but don’t worry, you can expect an update on this next week.

In-game model front
In-game model back
Updated tomahawk launcher

UI Design and implementation.

We expect to have the design of the UI ready by the end of this week. While we are not planning on showing the complete UI design for now (we will have a separate post for the UI and how everything will work later down the road) we still want to give you a sneak peak of what you can expect…and yes we have removed some buttons and text to not give away too much in the below image!

Map design has started.

Multiplayer maps are crucial to our game and one of the most important aspects. We have been working on different methods and systems for the past month or so. For example, we are combining Unity and Houdini to create fully procedural cities which will play a important role during the matches. We are also combining both custom tools and external tools to bring our worlds to life.

For example, thanks to Houdini we can simply turn any shape into a building with windows, doors, roof objects and more.

Fully procedural buildings

To finish things off with a bang, here is a video which demonstrates this system.

I hope you had fun reading this and are just as excited as we are to play the game. See you next week!


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