Dev Update 05.

Hey everyone, You probably noticed we did not do a dev update last week. We are staying true to our promise and only sharing information whenever we feel it’s worth your while. The past week has been us mostly investing time in getting code working right and working on game elements which we are not ready to show at the moment, this does not mean we have nothing to share. Lets get started!


The story of the game should allow us to do two things: Create an interesting world worth exploring and, allow us to create a world where having a growing list of factions to choose from makes sense. So we have moved to a world where PMC’S go head to head against Nations and other type of militaries. We are excited to talk more about the story of the game in the near future. For now, we have updated the Commanders and shared the backstory on their respective pages.


We also have some new 3d-art to share with you. We are still working hard on getting the EU units ready. note to all the die-hard tank lovers out there, these are loosely based on real vehicles and are not a representation of any real tank out there 😉


While some artists are working on full game ready models, others are working hard on building animations. One of those is the UFA(Scav) warfactory (wip name) and the supply yard. UFA’s Supply yard has two functions( we will tell you more about this later) and this means that a crane arm needs to move stuff around to make sure you can use this building to it’s fullest.

Warfactory door animation
Supply yard door animation+scrap pickup

Terrain / Map tests

We want to create a world that you want to play in and we firmly believe that RTS games should harness the power of the latest technology and do something new and fresh with it. One of the things we are doing is creating extremely detailed worlds which will become your playground. The following shots are tests we have been doing with thousands and thousands of objects. We have been able to hit a steady 120fps on a RX 470 8GB thanks to things such as GPU instancing and other cool tricks. We cant wait to share more with you in the near future. While you are enjoying the images below, keep in mind that these are not a representation of the final game and are once again work in progress.

New Concept art for Hong Corp.

As most of you know, We have been reworking the look of Hong Corp, Yu Hong’s faction. Most of the concept art is ready and will head to the 3D Department. For now enjoy the following concepts of the airfield, Crypto Center and Power plant.

Crypto center
Power plant


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