Dev Update 06.

Hey everyone, we have had a long radio silence, but now we’re back with the new sixth Dev Update. It has been a wild ride for us the last month, with lots of amazing new models and giant leaps in progress towards the Kickstarter. This post is all about new buildings, new vehicles, new game mechanics, and even ways to rule the sky! So without any further ado, lets jump straight in.

The past Month.

So we decided to go radio silent for the past month. The reason was really simple, we wanted to focus on the project and get some important parts implemented. We managed to do this and more: We have updated our nav-mesh for more realistic unit pathfinding and collision. We have terrain which responds to the units in the game and have a playable alpha game which we are constantly testing. On top of all the things which you cant see, we have finalized UFA and are moving to the next two factions of our game. once we have all the models implemented is when the real fun begins with animations and VFX. This will once again be an ongoing process. For now, We hope you’ll enjoy this update and we hope to hear from you on discord.

United Freedom Army

Let’s start this Dev update with a faction you haven’t really seen yet, the UFA. The last month, we have been working very hard on their buildings, so here they are:

Command Center
Tunnel Network
Scrap yard
Drone Tower

But as we promised, that is not all we have for UFA. May we introduce to you the Razor and the Tornado! Two powerful, fast moving vehicles in the UFA roster. Whilst the Razor relies more on it’s neck-breaking speed, Harpoon and it’s greater maneuverability. The Tornado, on the other hand, relies more on it’s powerful machine gun and it’s armor, able to take some hits. Both of these units are fast and lightweight and can impact the battlefield in ways never seen before if used correctly.

UFA Razor
UFA Tornado

Hong Corporation – Security Division

As we announced last moth, we redesigned Hong Corp’s buildings fully since we felt that the old buildings did not have interesting forms and did not fit our factions background and gameplay style. Now all the new buildings have more interesting silhouettes, look stronger and a bit more futuristic and all buildings looked excellent in our 3D block-outs. Expect more Hong Corp buildings in our future updates.

Music? Music!

We have been silent when it comes to the sound/music of our game, but no more. the extremely talented Fergus is currently creating Commanding Nations soundtrack that captures what our game is about and delivers it unapologetic to your audio systems.

Anchor Security International

We have also been working very hard on the air units of ASI. We are really happy to share the following images with you. Whilst they are final, keep in mind that things can always change. We know that you might have questions regarding how these units operate, but once again, this is something that we are going to share with you in the future.

ASI Gunship
ASI Recon Drone
ASI Amity
ASI Zephyr

Faction Colors

Commanding Nations is a multiplayer title and this means that faction colors are important. At the same time we really want to keep the colors subtle and not turn this into a Andy Warhol painting. We are currently doing some tests to see what works best for us, but here are some examples.

Track Animations

If you know us, you know that we love to have details in the game that make sense. One of these details are the track animations for the units. We are also looking into adding systems that adjust the foliage as units pass trough them, but more on that later, for now enjoy this short clip that demonstrates our track animation.

Day/Night System

We are also adding a day-night system to our game. This does not mean that our maps will change during gameplay, but we do want to have the option to automatically have everything adjusted based on what time it is on the map you are playing on.

Level Design

THIS IS FAR FROM FINAL!!! You probably know that we are paying a lot of attention to our multiplayer map design. we believe that this can either make or break the game. We are still not at a point where we feel comfortable enough to share anything specific or concrete regarding the map and how it looks, but we are making huge steps and have our whole procedural systems finally set up so we can save time while we test to see what kind of layouts deliver the most fun.


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1 reply on “Dev Update 06.”

  • Bob
    July 5, 2021 at 12:58 pm

    Wow great stuff so far, loving the concept art for hong kong. In regards to the colours I think that players would be more recognisable if the majority colour of their buildings are some kind of neutral colour (see generals USA: grey, China: beige and dusty orange tiled roofing, GLA: Dark Beige) however it is good to see that you guys recognise this as a required element. My personal preference towards the UFA buildings are mixed though because some like the tunnel, drone tower and (to a lesser degree) the merchant structures all fit the theme of the faction. The HQ, barracks and warfactory however look like something out of an apocalyptic scrappunk wasteland that you might see in the walking dead which conflicts heavily with the prior group. Given that this game is a passion project with strong links to games from the golden era of RTS (especially C&C Generals), I believe it is important to revise some of the building structures and again look back at those games in the hopes to have a more uniformed aesthetic for the UFA. With all this in mind I can’t stress enough how well everything else appears to be coming along from concept art of other nations to map design and unit pathfinding!

    I hope you take my comment into consideration and thank you for trying to recreate a childhood favourite of mine.

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