Game info – Storm Runner details.

Hey everyone, we’ve got another Dev Update for you! While our previous blog posts have been huge, we are going to focus on smaller posts that explain what each unit is about, To start it off. We are going to focus on the Storm Runner.

Storm Runner

Playing Scav means making decisions on the fly. With their limited budget and resourcefulness, they created an all-round truck which they can transform for different purposes.

Unit transportation

You can upgrade the Storm runner to transport units, and yes, these units can all fire from inside the truck. If the storm runner is destroyed, It will still act as a bunker till the bunker is destroyed as well. We have not decided how many units the Storm Runner can transport, but we are expecting it to be close to eight units.

SCAV Storm Runner Transport

Long range missiles.

Sometimes you need some distance between you and your enemies. The long range missiles upgrade provides just that. It’s the most expensive upgrade so make sure to protect the Storm Runner since the upgrade will result in slower movement.

UFA Storm Runner Artillery


Planning an attack or defending yourself works better if you know where your opponents are. The Storm Runners radar upgrade gives you access to all the radar and satellite tools of the game. The speed of your unit will be slightly affected by this, but the Storm Runner will still be relatively fast compared to opponents heavy units.

SCAV Storm Runner Radar

Wait, thats it?

Yes, that’s all for today, but expect more blog posts as we head into the next weeks and months, explaining and showing individual units and how they work in-game.


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  • HSD Postal Service
    May 2, 2021 at 8:56 pm

    Amazing as always fellas. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Wulf
    May 2, 2021 at 10:41 pm

    I’m excited!

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