Its nothing personal, just business.


Slow and heavy

The history of Hong Corp as we know it is a curious one, for it did not form out of the failing of nations, but the discovery of a strange new metal in Azerbaijan, in the region of Quba-Khachmaz. This element had extraordinary properties, and it was soon mined as well as exported en masse to the country’s allies at the time. Emboldened by this discovery, the economy of West Asia soon skyrocketed as scientists and engineers desiring to work first with the precious mineral arrived in droves, bringing their expertise and skills.

With their newfound wealth, the countries decided to form an economic pact to face the industrial might of the likes of China and America, gathering many from both West and Central Asia to their cause, most of them the so-called “forgotten countries” left behind by the 20th century, now revitalized. Soon enough the demand outgrew the production, leading to a call for any private company able to take over the nationalized actors and extract even more from the earth. In steps Hong Corp, leader in the region when it comes to both mining and geological research. Outperforming the competition in every sector and undercutting them for the chance to work with the newly named Armonite, they also have a unique advantage in the hiring of Yu Hong into their ranks, the scientist that discovered it in the first place.

Soon enough, Yu’s immense knowledge in the field and their near total control over Armonite made them an indispensable asset that not only controlled the stock of the metal, but indeed the economy of almost half of Asia. Using this position, they consolidated the economic pact into W.A.S.P, or the Western Asia Sphere of co-Prosperity. A union of many nations, their concentrated economic and military might rivaled their neighbors. Hong Corp’s immense influence transformed it soon enough into nothing but a political and military arm of the corporation, and with their newfound might they intend to unlock every last secret Armonite holds, whatever the cost.

Scientist Yu Hong

Yu’s past is somewhat tenuous to grasp for anyone seeking to piece it together, but to those in the know she is one of the leading scientist and military mind of this generation. Beginning her career in the Chinese Officer Corps, Yu displayed astonishing results in both strategic leadership and R&D endeavors undertaken by the Chinese Military. Considering her skills wasted in a simple army career, she was quickly transferred to a special military scientific division, where she led the way in material research.

In the process of undertaking a scientific expedition in Azerbaijan, she discovered and proceeded to refine the first sample of Armonite, paving the way for the exploitation of the wonder metal as well as the economic boom of all of West Asia. Seeing the potential in the discovery, she approached Hong Corp, one of the biggest mining and research corporations of the region, with the discovery as well as the location of one of the sources. In exchange, all she demanded was to lead the company’s research concerning Armonite. This was granted wholesale considering the massive potential, and soon enough the mountains of Azerbaijan were ablaze with the spotlights of her research group, working day and night to discover as many of the metal’s properties as possible.

And yet she still needed more for her research, as she always sensed she was close to an incredible breakthrough which would have her name found in every history book. But in her way stood the West Asian Economic Pact, uninterested in it beyond a mean to fuel their greed. In her view, there was little of worth in the governments abandoning their principles and old rivalry for the wonder metal. Soon enough, with the mining contract won and the reform of the Pact into the West Asian Sphere of co-Prosperity, she had access not only to the corporation’s assets, but to each of the member’s sizable armies.

Deemed one of the most experienced in the company’s employ, she was given unofficial leadership of the corporation’s forces. Strong of her military past and scientific mind, she is a cold and calculating adversary in battle. Ruthless in using the precious metal’s properties to the fullest, many are crushed by the treads of her tanks without even knowing she was the one to give the orders.‎