Hong Corporation – Security Division

Hong  |  Hong Corporation – Security Division

A fiercless leader, researcher and trillionaire, Yu Hong did not only invest in a PMC, she decided that a true leader should always lead it’s army. Her factories and research teams did not only find ways to mass produce units, but also discovered a new type of metal that was excellent in war, albeit slower. Yu Hong’s military moves slow but can take a lot of damage and destroy everything in its path if used right.


Command Center

Build with steel and concrete not just to show power but also take some hits. HSD uses it’s command center to lead it’s endless army and powerful tanks through the battlefield.

Power Plant

A large amount of units needs a large amount of power. Make you sure you build enough of these.

Supply center

All these troops will cost you a lot of money. Use the Supply Center to pay the bills.


Trained in groups to fight anyone in their path. the Barracks give birth to honorable fighters and skilled specialists.

Defence Walls

The enemy is everywhere, except behind your borders! Build walls to keep enemies out.

War Factory

Never before has anyone seen a production line so fast. Build your tanks at an alarming speed to overwhelm your opponents. Don’t forget, however, that quality had to make place for quantity.


Ever seen a gattling tank on a chopper? Whilst HSD has an old and slow air force, with the right upgrades they can do unimaginable amounts of damage.

Crypto center

Hack the world economy to make sure you have money to fight battles that aren’t won in a day.

Defense center

Make sure your defenses are the best possible using the Defense center.


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