We are the sky



Raven’s story begins at the turn of the century, with what at the time seemed like the simple merger of Solon Aerospace, a French company, with its Russian counterpart Kraknikov Aviation Complex into Aerospace United. What looked like a simple affair ended with one of the most powerful defense companies in all of Europe, well on its way to absorb more corporations before many governments and their antitrust system blocked the company.

However, after years of biding its time and eager to take advantage of the weakness of European nations, Aerospace United made sure to leverage its numerous production and maintenance contracts to force various corporate takeovers. Few countries could afford to lose the profitable arrangement, and so they could only accept the conditions of the company, lest their air force remain grounded.

Now more than twelve companies strong, Aerospace United decided to create its own security division, named Raven. Officially in charge of airport defense, airspace control and threat analysis, it became a Private Military Contractor in all but name. Backed by the might of the most powerful air fleet in the world, bolstered by the experience of thousands of soldiers from Europe’s leading special forces, and led by the infamous General Wolfgang, it will stop at nothing to enforce the company’s will, as they now look to the global market for their next acquisition.

General Wolfgang Waltz.

There is little that is not remarkable about Wolfgang, from the way he climbed the ranks at a prodigious rate to the impressive results he displayed in every wargame and other military exercises, but ever since he started as a cadet in the German army, he has been aching to test his skills on a real battlefield. There is only so much that fictional battles can bring, and above all he seeks to refine his skills and carry on the military tradition of his family, and indeed of all of Europe.

Coming from a proud family of German and Swiss military personnel, Wolfgang started his career as a simple private before climbing the ranks, going onto the path of officer. This grants him not only an intimate knowledge of the most basic level of warfare but also an understanding of his troops’ needs, and advanced combat skills. While most other officers were busy going through a cushy military college, he was down in the dirt proving himself to the troops.

Making it to the prestigious rank of Brigadier General through harsh competition forged Wolfgang into a cunning and highly skilled individual, capable of both rapid adaptation to enemy strategy and complex battle planning. Going on to found one of the leading PMCs that would spearhead Raven’s formation, he was especially sought for his spotless record and the high praises given by his superiors, which earned him the rank of General in the newfound security corporation. Undeterred by sometimes grievous wounds sustained in the line of duty, he has been noted as a mountain of a man particularly adept at using close air support and aerial supremacy to their fullest extent. This makes him a terrifying adversary, as being backed by Aerospace United means he almost always possesses it.