one man's trash is another man's treasure


Guerilla warfare

The Scavenger Union was formed only a decade ago by an upstart military cadet by the name of Zane Keita, who with a background in both military command and material engineering quickly elevated it from a band of common scroungers to a considerable international organization dedicated to much grander goals than simple recycling. The organization’s origin begins as did the economic downturn and global upheaval that left many of the already troubled countries broken and unable to assist their citizens. Forgotten and struggling to even survive, it was a desperate situation indeed. Seeing his native home of Egypt in such a state, Zane immediately ceased his military officer training to help his fellow countrymen through the crisis.

Ingenious, resourceful and kind, he taught many to make do with the various scraps found in abandoned factories and workshops, as well as repair the few precious machineries left in their possession. This constant selfless effort earned him the admiration and praise of many, who became the first members of the Scavenger Union, an organization aimed at helping anyone in the same conditions.

As time went on however, the ever encroaching presence of Hong Corp on Egyptian territory and their gradual takeover of lands and political activities made him both furious and worried at what might happen next. Using his military background to train members of the Union into an hastily organized militia to defend their home, the situation quickly escalated out of control as Zane’s anger grew, and with it so did the dedication of his followers. Spreading throughout the world, his message of indignation and rebellion against corporations and autocrats united many who swore to meet the rising threat whether they may appear, no matter the means.

Leader Zane Keita

Zane first made his name as a promising cadet studying to become an officer of the Egyptian army, displaying technical skills and an inherent understanding of a vehicle’s limitations, which made him a prime candidate to go onto a long and successful career in the mechanized forces. However, said career was cut short once the worst effects of the global economic downturn hit Egypt, tearing apart its financial system and sending thousands to suffer in makeshift slums, having to scrounge on the daily for a chance to survive to the next day. Horrified at the fate of so many of his countrymen, he abandoned his aspirations in the military to offer his leadership skills and mechanical knowledge to the citizens of his country.

He quickly proved his previous superiors right by displaying an inherent ability to gain the trust and devotion of many, cementing his authority in the newfound organization he created to organize the help provided, the Scavenger Union. Beside being a steadfast and kind leader, he also shared with many others his expertise, rapidly bringing the Scavs from a group of stragglers and scroungers to a genuine union of technically-minded specialists. But with the downturn also came Hong Corp, keen to take advantage of the vulnerability of his home.

Disgusted at their power grab and furious at the potential of this event happening over many other countries, if not the world, he put to use his military and tactical skills to reform the Scavenger Union into a paramilitary unit, organized into cells made up of militias, soldiers of former nations, and mercenaries. His expertise makes him at ease both at maintaining and annihilating any vehicle he may come across, while his unconventional methods and adaptability makes him the bane of any commander who thinks to engage him with conventional tactics. Between this and the massive stockpile of scavenged weaponry as well as explosives the Scavs possess, few commanders live long enough to underestimate him twice.