An ever expanding universe.

The World Of Tomorrow

The story so far.

The world of tomorrow is a strange one, for there was indeed no massive upheaval of our society, nor a discovery that changed the face of the earth, or even perhaps a grand coup in one of the most wealthy nations. It kept along its course, fading and withering as concerning trends were never resolved. Whether this happened by malice or apathy is still the subject of much debate, but it led to a slow and steady decline seen in the grand government of many a country.

With bloated administrations and inefficient bureaucracy came more and more problems, alongside delays to all action meant to address them. As time went on, many saw the need for power to be placed within the few more than the many, for states and regions to take charge of their own affairs to solve this slow crisis. And with this came the eroding of nations, as their power decreased and they remained crippled by their state of affairs.

Quickly, corporations and private entities saw fit to fill the resulting power vacuum, and took care to direct along internal matters even more than before through lobbying and kickbacks. For years this has gone on, but it seems that finally the rot has led the world to the brink of a major event. A global conflict is on the horizon, and who will be its victor? Of that, nobody can be sure.

The Hidden Conflict

The so-called “Hidden Conflict” comprises most of the current strife in this new world, where PMCs and soldiers without nations engage in skirmishes or even outright open conflict as far from view as possible, or camouflaged under the guise of “peacekeeping operations” and “humanitarian aids” to explain the substantial movement of both troops and supplies to remote corner of the globe.

Whatever activity is spotted or inevitably spills onto cities and populated areas is quickly explained through propaganda as terrorist activity, or the actions of rogue states.

It is beneficial to do so, for all this violence not only further encourages the trade of military material, but also the hiring of security services, conveniently provided by the same entities engaged in the Hidden Conflict.

However this cannot go on forever, as heavier and more devastating weaponry is deployed in the goal of seeking an edge, and tension could make these skirmishes escalate into an outright war, from which no one would be spared. The media effort can only go so far, and soon it might all be revealed, be it through the efforts of a whistleblower… or nuclear fire.

A War Decades in the Making

Not all have been caught unprepared by the escalation of the conflict. Forces are rallying, armies organizing, and entire war machines slowly winding themselves into a frenzy of profit and machines of death spewed upon the world. With every battle this escalation takes more drastic forms, from experimental weaponry and upgraded equipment to talented new commanders taking to the field, each with their own expertise.

Each faction is gathering their strength, with theatres consumed by war providing ever larger opportunities for each of them to seize the initiative in this new era of global conflict. From the sands of Egypt, the birthplace of the Scavenger Union, all the way to the mountains of Azerbaijan, where the largest mines of the wonder material Armonite become ever more important to each participant of the Hidden Conflict.

But not all are content to sit idly by and watch the world burn. Some seek to put a decisive end to this madness, while others simply wish to take the riches of war for themselves. Whatever their motivation may be they are standing ready to strike, and enter the conflict with all the overwhelming firepower they can muster.