Welcome, Commander!

We are extremely happy to have you here! From now on, you can find all game related news and info on commandingnations.com first. We are going to share videos, images and development updates with you as we head towards our kickstarter launch. We also want to stay in touch so make sure to join our discord or one of our social media channels to say hi!

Commanding Nations has been in the works for almost two years and in that time, our team has grown with talented individuals who all added their own flair to the game. Our goal is to stay true to the games we grew up with (Command and Conquer, Generals, Zero hour) and create a game that caters to the wishes and needs of the old fans while making the game accessible for a new generation of RTS gamers.

For now, we will let our work do the talking and thank you once again for being part of this amazing journey.

Oh and don’t forget, make sure to join our mailing list!

Kind Regards,

Seven Volts Games.

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